The long-distance footpaths or "Sentiers de Grande Randonnées" as they are known in France (GR for short) criss-cross the country and are walked in part or as complete routes by 1000's of walkers every year. To identify each, they are given numbers, the lowest being 1 and the highest being 2013. GR46 stretches north-south from Artannes-sur-Indre near to Tours down to Les Cabannes in the Tarn, a total of 880 kilometres and can be walked in either direction.

Having the time to walk the full 880 kilometres is not possible for everyone, so we would recommend that you consider a shorter 3-day section of the route (65 kilometres) between Aubusson and La Villedieu via Royère-de-Vassivière and which passes close to Chez Jallot as it traverses some of the beautiful Creuse and Corrèze countryside.

Check out our accommodation package that we offer for this walk. This also provides more details on the walk.

   Difficulty: Medium
   Distance: 65 km
   Ascent: m

MapGR46 (3 days only) map(Click image for interactive Google map)

Route Profile (Day 1)GR46 (3 days only) Day 1 profile

Start Point (Day 1):
Aubusson bus station
(Lon: 45.95498, Lat: 2.17078)

Finish Point (Day 1):
(Lon: 45.94381, Lat: 2.03639)

Route Profile (Day 2)GR46 (3 days only) Day 2 profile

Start Point (Day 2):
(Lon: 45.94381, Lat: 2.03639)

Finish Point (Day 2):
Town square - Royère-de-Vassivière
(Lon: 45.84122, Lat: 1.91109)

Route Profile (Day 3)GR46 (3 days only) Day 3 profile

Start Point (Day 3):
Town square - Royère-de-Vassivière
(Lon: 45.84122, Lat: 1.91109)

Finish Point (Day 3):
La Villedieu Church
(Lon: 45.73343, Lat: 2.88808)

Total Time:
3 days

Red and white GR markers

   Route Card & GPX File
Hard copy route card available from Chez Jallot
   GPX File

Required Maps:
IGN2330 O
IGN2230 E
IGN2231 E
IGN2130 O