The village of Masgot in the heart of the Creuse was home to François Michaud, a peasant-stonemason of the 19th-century, who exercised his passion in the heart of his hamlet adorning it with unique and unusual sculptures. His original approach allowed him to express his convictions and dreams by decorating his living spaces. Throughout the village you can find the watchful eye of an eagle, a dog-wolf-fox or even a mermaid. Sculptures transform the entrance to one of the houses into a mansion portal with Napoleon next to a naked woman and facing a seated animal. Curious to say the least!

A walk around the village allows the visitor to better understand the character of François Michaud and an audio guide is available to help with this. In addition, introductory and advanced sculpture courses are available for those with who would like to better understand this art. You will learn how to handle the chisel and hammer in order to engrave in stone and you may also sculpt some fanciful character while feeling the same sensations as François Michaud in his time.

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Further information can be found on the Masgot website (French version only).