The long-distance footpaths or "Sentiers de Grande Randonnées" as they are known in France (GR for short), criss-cross France and are walked in part or as complete routes by 1000's of walkers every year.  To identify each, they are given numbers, the lowest being 1 and the highest being 2013.  Grande Randonnées 4 (GR4) stretches from Royan on the Atlantic coast to Grasses in Provence in the Tarn, a total of 1,470 kilometres which can be walked in either direction.

Having the time to walk the full 1,470 kilometres is not possible for everyone, so I would like to offer you the opportunity to experience a shorter 4-day section (76 kilometres) of the route between Chatelus-le-Marcheix and Aubusson via Bourganeuf and which passes very close to Chez Jallot as it traverses some of the beautiful Creuse countryside.

As with my other walking packages, you just have to turn up, put your walking boots on and enjoy the experience.  I'll provide the luxury and relaxing accommodation, the well-deserved evening meal after a day's walking, the hearty breakfast to get you ready for the day ahead and of course, transport to and from the start & finish points of each day.  I'll even loan you the maps so that you can find your way.

Google map showing GR4 route

Please click on the map to display an interactive Google map display highlighting individual sections of the route.


Master Suite or Hummingbird Suite
Total cost (half-board stay + packed lunch)
Low Season - €665
High Season - €745

Vassivière Family Suite, Aubusson Room or Forest Room
Total cost (half-board stay + packed lunch)
Low Season - €605
High Season - €645

The prices include;

  • a 5-night stay (bed & breakfast), based on two adults sharing a room and completing the walk in 4 days,
  • evening meals on all 5 nights (this includes 3-course meal, wine, tea & coffee),
  • packed lunches on each walking day,
  • loan of all maps and guides needed for the route,
  • transport each day to and from the start & finish points along the walk.

If you would like to consider either doing the route in a shorter or longer timeframe please contact me to discuss details and costs.

Additional Nights at the Beginning or End of Your Stay
Master & Hummingbird suites (room cost/night) - €85 
Aubusson, Forest or Vassivière (room cost/night) - €70
(prices exclude evening meals or lunch)

Additional beds can be put in the Master and Hummingbird suites for children and the Vassivière family suite can accommodate 2 additional adults or children in an adjoining room for a supplemental cost.  Supplemental costs can be provided on request.

Please note that this offer only applies to rooms in the house and does not include the Atelier or Etable self-catering gites.  Please contact me for more details if you would like to stay in the gites instead of the house.

The route can be walked in either direction and can in fact start at any point.  It can also be extended or shortened depending upon your desired pace and the time available to complete the walk.  The following itinerary though starts in Chatelus-le-Marcheix and ends in Aubusson.  I am more than happy to alter pick-ups and drop-offs should you wish to change this.  Please note that with so much to discover, the itinerary below is not comprehensive in terms of places and things to see/visit; I have guide books here at Chez Jallot that you are more than welcome to loan, which provide much, much more detail of things to see and visit along the route!

Day 1 (Chatelus-le-Marcheix to Bourganeuf)

  • Drop-off at Chatelus-le-Marcheix to commence walk
  • Cross the Thaurion river for the first time heading for the hamlet of Montsergue
  • Cross the river Thaurion for the second time near to Murat and possible detour (0.5km) to Murat
  • Arrive in Bourganeuf next to the tourist office and pick-up for return to Chez Jallot

Places on route to visit include;

  • The 14th-century church of Chatelus-le-Marcheix
  • The covered lavoir at Montsergue
  • The wood of Faye Froide
  • The Murat well
  • The hamlet of Mastaraud-Mérignat
  • The historic town of Bourganeuf

Day 2 (Bourganeuf to Chez Jallot)

  • Drop-off at the tourist office in Borganeuf, refreshed for day 2 of the walk
  • Pass via the Verger gorge
  • Pass via the hamlets of Faux-Mazuras and Chignat
  • Pass through the village of Soubrebost
  • Detour (2.5km each way) to see the Stone of the 9 Steps (la Pierre aux Neuf Gradins)
  • Traverse the forests surrounding Chez Jallot via Lanjouy and Courson
  • Arrive at Chez Jallot

Places on route to visit include;

  • The Verger gorge
  • The church at Faux-Mazuras
  • The 13th-century church & crypt at Soubrebost
  • The Stone of the 9 Steps (la Pierre aux Neuf Gradins)
  • The Courson cross and "Cabane de Carriers"

Day 3 (Chez Jallot to Courcelles)

  • Leave Chez Jallot, ready for day 3 of the walk
  • Return through Courson
  • Detour to Monteil-au-Vicomte (2km round-trip) to see the ruined 12th-century chateau
  • Pass through the village of Banize with its Prussian cannon!
  • Arrive at Courcelles and pick-up for return to Chez Jallot

Places on route to visit include;

  • The ruined tomb at Courson
  • The 12th-century chateau of Monteil-au-Vicomte
  • The Banize cannon & mortuary chapel
  • The 14th-century chapel of Banize

Day 4 (Courcelles to Aubusson)

  • Drop-off at Courcelles for your final day of walking
  • Pass through the hamlet of la Borne
  • Detour via Blessac and its priory of the Ladies of the Order of Fontevraud
  • Arrive in Aubusson and final pick-up for return to Chez Jallot

Places on route to visit include;

  • The lavoir and 16th-century chapel at la Borne
  • The standing stones of Pierre-la-Fade
  • The priory of the Ladies of the Order of Fontevraud
  • The ruined chapel of St. Madeleine
  • The 17th-century Terrade bridge
  • The ancient town of Aubusson, designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage site for tapestry