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Chez Jallot was featured on Grand Designs Television programme three times,

2004, 2006 and 2014 showcasing its transformation from start to finish.

Join us in experiencing the extraordinary journey of Doug and Deni Ibbs with Chez Jallot and be inspired by this captivating story!

 You can view the S14, E8 "French Manor House" Click below for the link


Chez Jallot

The house was constructed ab0ut 1870, after Monsieur Jallot returned from Paris where, under Napoleon III he participated in the re-construction of Paris during the period when Haussmann was the architect.  Monsieur and Madam Jallot had three daughters, one of whom inherited the manor.  She married Monsieur Bonnetblanc and had one daughter before the premature death of her husband who was the premier pharmacist in the nearby town. 


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