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Places to Visit

La Creuse, a picturesque region in France, is indeed perfect for classic car trips and motorbike adventures, especially when staying at Chez Jallot.
The scenic countryside roads, charming villages, and historic sites offer an ideal backdrop for these journeys.

La Creuse has smooth roads and breathtaking landscapes, a perfect paradise for classic car enthusiasts, allowing you to enjoy a leisurely drive while soaking in the region's beauty.

For motorbike enthusiasts, the region offers a diverse terrain, from gentle curves to more challenging routes, providing an exhilarating experience. The freedom of the open road and the opportunity to explore hidden gems make La Creuse a fantastic destination for motorbike trips.

Staying at Chez Jallot, adds to the allure. After a day of exploring, you can relax in comfort, indulge in local cuisine, and share stories with fellow travelers. The warm hospitality and cozy atmosphere of Chez Jallot create a perfect home base for classic car and motorbike enthusiasts, making the overall experience unforgettable.

Afternoon Tea

2.5kms from Chez Jallot

Les Sabotiers is the local Cafe in Vidaillat Village.  It is open from Wednesday to Sunday, with longer opening hours in the Summer.  The Cafe is positioned in the heart of Vidaillat and is run by Annemieke and Patrick, from Holland.  They offer a variety of delicious handmade cakes, tea, coffee, and alcoholic beverages.

Afternoon Tea is a must !! and can be ordered with 3 days' notice

Rigole and Devil's Rock


15.5kms (9.6 miles) from Chez Jallot

Picturesque site located in the upper Thaurion valley. The Rigole du Diable and its tributary are strewn with pebbles and boulders.
Legendary stones are common in Limousin. These balls with strange shapes, born from the erosion of the outcropping granite.


Lac De Vassiviere

17kms (10 miles) from Chez Jallot

The Lac de Vassiviere, one of France's largest artificial lakes, is a large man-made reservoir of about 10 square Kilometres (2,500 acres). with more than 1,000 ha of water, several beaches, and 47 kilometers of shoreline.  You will not be disappointed with all the sports activities available - click more info to find out what is available.



32 kms (20 miles) from Chez Jallot

The Tapestry capital of Aubusson on the Rive Cruese has an important architectural heritage, the legacy of its rich past.  A stroll through the town reveals unspoiled, picturesque narrow streets, large houses with turrents, period houses and fountains



38kms (24 miles) from Chez Jallot

Enjoying an idyllic setting by the River Vienne, Eymoutiers is one of Haute-Vienne's ancient medieval towns. Endowed with period houses, old tanners' quarters, and wooded areas, the town charms visitors at first sight. On a warm day, a walk along the riverbanks in bloom is a lovely way to absorb the authentic character of the place.

IMG_5231 2_edited.jpg

Mont Gargan

65kms (41 miles) from Chez Jallot

Mont Gargan is in the Parc Naturel Régional de Millevaches and is a site of natural, cultural, and historic interest. During the Second World War, the Mont Gargan region was very important. The memorial recalls the combat in July 1944 between the FTP led by Georges Guingouin against a large German force supported by the French Milice. It perpetuates the memory of the Resistance fighters who lost their lives during this episode and also pays tribute to the many members of the Resistance in Limousin.

4FF1244C-A477-4879-A780-D44CA65F69E9 2_edited.jpg


Haute Vienne

93kms (58 miles) from Chez Jallot

This town was the scene of a massacre during WW2, where 642 villagers were rounded-up and killed by the German SS

as retaliation for alleged partisan activity nearby.  The village was then torched by the Germans and after WW2, it has been left as a memorial to those who died.  It is a harrowing yet profoundly moving location. 

It so clearly demonstrates the viciousness

of war.



99kms (62 miles) from Chez Jallot

Classified among the most beautiful villages in France, the ancient village of Ségur offers the striking face of an ensemble preserved by the scratches of time. Peaceful image of a sleepy site where life continues to irrigate the past.


Le Mont-Dore (Ski resort)

117kms (73 miles) from Chez Jallot

Located at the Salon du Capucin, Mont-Dore Aventures offers summer and winter activities to practice alone, with friends, or with family: a course in the trees, Explor'Game, or rental of equipment for Nordic activities.

You will also find some of the

most impressive delicatessens found in France.


Super Besse (Ski Resort)

148kms (92 miles) fro Chez Jallot

The ski resort of Super Besse is located in the Massif du Sancy in the heart of the mythical Parc Régional des Volcans d'Auvergne. Super Besse will seduce you with its dynamism and its various activities. It is both a modern and family resort and offers a wide variety of activities during the day and in the evening.


170kms (106 miles) from Chez Jallot

Sacred town and important pilgrimage site, the village of Rocamadour is perched on the side of a limestone cliff and towers majestically over the Alzou canyon. Rocamadour attracts every year a large number of visitors and pilgrims. Having climbed 216 stairs of the main staircase leading to the church square, pilgrims and walkers discover the seven sanctuaries of Rocamadour, among which the Notre-Dame chapel, the Saint-Sauveur basilica and the Saint-Michel chapel. 

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